Composer and Producer

I am a music composer and producer based in Paris, France. I create music for Advertising , Film, Trailers, Television and all media, with Kosinus label, Universal Music (UPPM), APM Music (USA), Kapagama (FR & GER).

Advertising : Audi, Toyota, Hyundai, Citroen, McDonald's, Danone, Corega, Budweiser, Charmin, WeatherTech, Avito, Fbto, CoffeMate, Hallmark, Olay, ...

Trailer-preview : "Pride" Official Trailer (USA), "Mal de Pierres" Official Trailer, "Heidi" Official Trailer (GER/CH/FR/GRC), "La Vie Révée de Monsieur Sim" Official Trailer (FR), "The secret life of Walter Mitty" (preview HBO & Cinemax), "Bodrum Masalié" (preview)

Television : "The Voice" (FR, NOR), "Portlandia", "Aerial america", "Today NBC", "Keeping up with the Kardashian", "ArtsNight", "The stars are aligned", "Right this minute FOX", "Dateline NBC", "We day ABC", "The Hunt with John Walsh", "Sky sports originals", "Suomi love", "Trip flip", "Who do you think you are", "Great canal journeys", "Homes by the sea", "Fixer Hupper", "Building the dream", "Extreme homes", "Million dollar Princesses", "Anno"  ...


Inspirational Folky PopKOS586

Disc Category
Documentary, Folk, Motivational/Inspirational

Inspirational, Hopeful Indie Folk Feat. Violins, Piano, Percussion For Human Story, Documentary


Music For Violin EnsembleKAR1065

Disc Category
Documentary, Film Music Styles

Serious, Motivational and Concerned Modern Violin Ensemble for Documentaries & Movies


Emotional ViolinKAR1062

Disc Category
Documentary, Film Music Styles

Emotional tracks featuring Violin for Human Documentaries & Movies


Uplifting Indie FolkKOS450

Disc Category
Business/Corporate, Motivational/Inspirational, Novelty/Quirky, Pop: Rock, Rock: Indie/Alternative

Inspiring Organic indie folk & creative acoustic cinematic pop



Sweet And CreativeKOS444

Disc Category
Children, Documentary, Nature/Pastoral/Wildlife, Novelty/Quirky

Warm & Emotional Creative & Quirky Organic Light Acoustic Themes.


Cinematic AmbientKOS438

Disc Category
Atmospheric, Documentary, Electronica/Ambient, Panoramic, Underscores: Backgrounds/Beds

Modern Cinematic Atmospheric & Ambient Pieces - 4 Parts



Mechanical OrganKOL57

Disc Category

Mechanical Instruments for Retro Funfair, Amusement Park, Circus & Children.





With a very unusual career, I am also a recognized Professional musician, be it in the middle of the pop music or that of the classical music.
Beginning his career as a DJ since the age of 19, with over 1,000 nights to his credit, he then turns to classical music and in 1998 joined the prestigious Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris. Since he distinguished himself as a musician in various shows, tours, recordings and concerts :

Accompanied artists:
- Sigur Ros
- Fugu
- John Cunningham
- James Blunt
- Mariah Carey
- Johnny Hallyday
- Isabelle Boulay
- Lara Fabian
- Jenifer
- Stanislas
- Gerald de Palmas
- Michael Jones
- Natasha St Pier
- Garou
- Florent Pagny
- Gregory Lemarchal

- 3 concerts at the "Stade de France" with Johnny Hallyday in 2012
- "Hilarmonic show tour" with Michel Leeb 2011-2012
- "Symphonic tour" tour of Star Academy 5, 2006
- "Tours stadiums" with Johnny Hallyday in 2003
- "Comic Symphony" with Marc Jolivet 2007

Movies, TV films, Series, Documentaries and TV shows:
- "PRIDE" Trailer 2014, starring Bill Nighy, Andrew Scott
- "The secret life of Walter Mitty" Preview HBO & Cinemax, produced by Ben Stiller, starring Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig, Adam Scott, Sean Penn...
- "HEIDI" Officia Trailer 2016 (Germany, Switzerland and France)
- "La Vie Révée de monsieur Sim" Official Trailer (France)
- "Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky" movie, in the realization of Jan Kounen, starring Mads Mikkelsen and Anna Mouglalis (movie).
- "Portlandia" S04E09
- "Geat Canal Journey"
- "Ray Guy: A road to Canton"
- Rutgers Football "15 Days of Spring"
- Film Circuit "Tiff Film circuit celebrates 20 years"
- Film Circuit "Don McKellar"
- Who do you think you are "Special 10 years 100 shows"
- Homes by the sea
- Fixer Hupper
- Dance school diaries
- Objectif top chef
- "De l'art et du cochon"
- Cité Gagnant "Montpellier"
- "Josephine guardian angel" serie TF1
- "Star Academy" prime time
- "The night of the variety" of France 2

Soundtracks, records, DVD, TV:
- DVD Tour stages Johnny Hallyday
- DVD Hilarmonic show Michel Leeb
- 1 DVD album with Sigur Ros group
- 2 album with Fugu (Medhi Zannad)
- Soundtrack of the film "La France"
- Soundtrack of "Commissaire Moulin"
- Soundtrack of "Vercingétorix"
- Soundtrack of " Josephine ange gardien"

- Audi "Toy Service"
- Hyundai "Genesis"
- Toyota "Auris", "Yaris", "Auris Touring Sports"
- Mc Donald "Big Mac"
- Citroen
- Danone
- Charmin relief project "Fire Department" & "Huracan Sandy"
- Budweiser "Training the animals"
- Budweiser "Telling the story"
- WeatherTech "People Across the Nation"
- WeatherTech "All across Americs"
- Dick's Sporting Goods "Why Sports Matter"
- Fbto
- M6play
- Avito (5 advertisings)
- Advert "Peugeot C3 Cactus"
- Advert "Peugeot 607"
- Advert "Peugeot 407" ...

Classical orchestras:
- Paris National Opera
- National Orchestra of France
- National Orchestra of Toulouse Capitole
- Cannes Orchestra
- Aube Orchestra
- Massy Opera
- ​​Troyes Orchestra
- European Orchestra
- Lyonnais Symphonic Orchestra
- Rouen Opera
- Symphonic and Lyric Orchestra of Nancy
- Lamoureux Orchestra
- Pasdeloup Orchestra

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